6. Technical Submission Requirements

August 18, 2013

6.         Technical Requirements for the Projects

  •  The submission consists of the executive summary memorandum, the primary memorandum, and printed versions of the Powerpoint slides. The project must be submitted as a set of files in a Microsoft Word or Powerpoint format.
  • The executive summary is to be no more than 2 pages long. The primary memorandum is to be no longer than 12 pages long. The presentation submission is to consist of no more than 12 slides.
  • No appendices or attachments are allowed, except for appendices that are included within the 12-page limit of the primary memorandum.
  • The memoranda must be in Times New Roman 12-point font, single spaced within paragraphs and double spaced between paragraphs.
  • The two memoranda must meet memorandum specifications as specified below.
  • The Primary Memorandum must also be submitted through Turnitin. The Turnitin settings for this course will permit the student to submit a project in advance of final submission for an assessment that is reported only to the student.
  • The three files are not to include any identifying information relating to the student. The student is to select a 6-field number consisting of:
    • the right digit of your birthday (if you were both on December 16, the digit is 6;
    • the last two digits of your social security or number;
    • the last two digits of the phone number you use the most;
    • A letter associated with your specialization. The specialization letter codes are :

a.         Court Administration
b.         Criminal Justice Policy and Administration
c.         Emergency Management
d.         Human Resources Management
e.         Law and Public Management
f.          Management and Operations
g.         Urban Affairs
h.         Fiscal Policy and Oversight
i.          Forensic Accounting
j.          Organizational Assessment and Monitoring
k.         Investigation and Operational Inspection
l.          Law and Public Management
m.        Justice Policy Analysis
n.         International Inspection and Oversight
o.         Independent Inspection and Oversight

    •  The memoranda should identify you as Student ######, using the number generated as specified above.


  • The files should follow this naming convention, where ##### refers to your number:
      1. Executive Summary: ######_exec.pdf
      2. Primary Memorandum: ######_memo.pdf
      3. Presentation: ######_presentation.pdf
  • Projects must be submitted in Acrobat PDF format, which provides for greater format control by the student.
  • The student must also submit the Primary Memorandum to Turnitin.com in Word format so that it can be evaluated for compliance with JJCCJ integrity policies.
  • The student should separately inform his/her faculty member by email of his/her student number. The faculty member will retain the number confidentially.

Guidance About the Memorandum Format: Memos are a primary form of internal communication in most organizations, so it is vital that the student understand how to draft these important documents effectively. Unlike conversations, memos leave a “paper trail,” so the company can use directives, inquiries, instructions, requests, recommendations, policies and other reports for future reference. Unlike term papers, these documents are intended not only to be broadly informative, but also to guide specific decisions and actions in a practical and immediate context.

For this assignment, each memo must begin with the following heading:

TO: (Insert the title and name of the official to whom the memo is addressed.)
FROM: (Insert your 6-field code, and do not include your name)
DATE: (insert the date that the memo is submitted for grading)
SUBJECT: (Insert a 5-6 word title explaining what the memo is about.)

The primary memorandum must be no more than 12 pages long and the executive summary memorandum must be no more than 2 pages long. Paragraphs must be single-spaced, with paragraph separations and headings double spaced. The document should be written in a 12-point font. All margins should be one inch.

Guidance About the Presentation Slide Format: The twelve-slide presentation can be created using a presentation program such as Powerpoint, or can be created with any other application that produces an image that can be projected in a presentation. For example, a conventional word processing program could be used with the paper in landscape mode.

The purpose of your slides is to assist a brief presentation of the results of your project. The student should assume a presentation that generally supports the content of the 2-page cover memorandum. An operationalization of the assignment is: If you were reading your executive summary to a small group, how would us use twelve slides to reinforce and support your presentation?