1. Purpose

August 18, 2013

1.         Purpose

The purpose of the PAD 771 Capstone seminar is for students to demonstrate that they have successfully mastered skills developed during studies in the MPA program. The student develops a term project on a policy-related problem in a specific jurisdiction. The problem selected must be related to the student’s area of specialization. The project submission consists of three components:

  • the project essay which is in the form of a 12-page memorandum,
  • a 2-page executive summary in memorandum format, and
  • twelve (12) presentation slides to support a presentation of your cover memorandum.

Students are expected to choose a topic for their capstone projects during the initial weeks of the course, according to a schedule specified in the syllabus for the course section. (The general parameters for the schedule are set out in the section on “Course Timetables” below.) The student completes a “Project Definition Worksheet” which the section professor must review and approve before the student proceeds with further development.